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Jonah Hex comic book character vs Josh Brolin - with Megan Fox

Jonah Hex was the movie adaptation of a classic western comic book. But it's more fun reading the reviews...

"Trust me, it doesn't matter that Josh Brolin's face is made up with a garish scar. Megan Fox is a hot hooker in a corset. Sometimes, she gets handcuffed to stuff.

Their first mistake was in not naming the film 'Megan Fox Handcuffed in a Corset.'"

And Box Office Magazine was especially critical of the soundtrack.

"The painful music was co-written by Mastodon, which might be a heavy metal band or, given the score's obnoxiousness, an actual mastodon."

But on the bright side, he also writes that "there are lots of death-signifying crows, so the movie should have the ornithologist demo locked up."