"Moe Zilla" entered some kind of crazy writing contest.

He wrote 300 articles in 100 days...

Some of the early favorites...

Coming Up Close by Til Tuesday
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Daydream Believers: the Monkees Story
Surviving Gilligan's Island
American history: President Nixon and the Watergate scandal
Band review: The Monkees
Frank Sinatra's album Come Fly With Me
The history of The Pink Panther

Other interesting titles...
"The Adventures of Long John Silver"
Elvis Presley and his movies
How to cancel an AOL account
The longest word with its letters in alphabaetical order
The longest word typed with only the left hand
Tay Zonday and "Chocolate Rain"
TV shows based on islands
Comparing Gilligan's Island to The Brady Bunch
Trivia about The Addams Family
The greatest TV icons
Edgar Allan Poe and Ulalume
How many beans make five?
Creative ways to ask for a date
TV show reviews: Las Vegas
Spider Solitaire tips and tricks
Web site reviews: Craigslist
Norman Bates and Psycho IV
Green Acres
Jane Russell, Howard Hughes and "The Outlaw"
TV preview: Lost - Season 4
The Prisoner
Space: 1999
Converting an annual salary to an hourly wage
Who was the best Super Bowl quarterback of all time?
Do the new tapes hurt the legacy of President Richard Nixon?
Explanation of the Iowa caucus process
Brittney Spears, Disney, and Corruption of the Youth
TV Show reviews: The Office
Understanding triangles
Cats in film: The Pink Panther and more
Author evaluation: William Faulkner
Chess tips: maximizing your moves
Best Broadway Songs
The origins of the Smurfs
Do love potions really exist?
Charlie Brown and Peanuts
Tweety Bird (created by Warner Brothers Bob Clampett)
The Punisher fights nearly everybody
Movie reviews: Cannonball Run

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