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Elvis Presley's song from 50 years ago still gives me goosebumps...

It's called "Harum Holiday," but it's really about wanderlust -- that urge to get out of town and see the wide world. And amazingly, in this movie Elvis ends up going to Iraq!
According to the movie's trailer....

"Elvis brings the Big Beat to Bagdad!"

And that's not all he does...

Lured by a desert temptress into an Arabian rumble!
Risking his neck for dames he never saw before!

And seconds later, he's singing them love songs!

It's the Arabian Nights a Go-Go!

These are all actual quotes from the 1965 movie's trailer...

It's crazy, man! One minute our hero's singing his way out of the pokey. And the next he's swinging cool, as he invades the inner sanctums of love!

[The title card displays the words"Where the Slave-girls and Sultans are Swingers"]

In your wildest nightmares, you've never imagined such goings on as Elvis 'gets with it' in a rockin' rolling swinging spoof!

Amazingly, the movie opens with Elvis sitting next to an official from the State Department......

I blogged about this back in 2004, but I never stopped loving that song.

"I can see why you like it," my girlfriend told me this morning. "It's about travelling and seeing new things and grabbing life by the balls..."

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