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Marvel comics once ran letters from a reader about Ms. Marvel's butt. But she's also got another creepy fan.


As inappropriate as it sounds, you already know that he's kind of a teenaged lech if you read Marvel comics' 2009 series The Irredeemable Ant-Man. ("The world's most unlikeable super hero.") Young security guard Eric O'Grady had stolen the Ant-Man suit, and was living on the run.

And being young, irresponsible, and able-to-shrink-down-to-ant-size, he'd -- I kid you not -- used his superpowers to peep on the ladies while they were showering.

So in Ant-Man #7, Eric stowed away in a blonde woman's purse. (Marvel's illustrator even added realism by drawing tampons in the background.) Ant-man realizes she's a superhero, but then decides maybe her apartment will be as cool as Batman's. "I bet this broad's got all kinds of cool stuff back at her lair. I could probably make off with a dinosaur, or a giant penny."

And then?

Hm. My 'Ant-Senses' are telling me that sounds unmistakably not unlike a shower running. I must go immediately -- to investigate.
It's followed by eight small panels of Eric O'Grady sitting motionless on poor Carol Danvers' shower head and smiling.
"You'd think this would get old after a while, but you know -- it really doesn't."

Marvel Comics even captured the strange scene in their cover for the next issue.

Eventually Ant-Man realizes he's sealed into her flying headquarters, and broods on the ceiling. ("Crap. I'm not going to get my giant penny.") But he doesn't sound particuarly unhappy.

"Ms. Marvel, Ms. Marvel... I hadn't even heard of you before today, but let me tell you a secret... You're my all-time favorite super hero."


Somehow, this page is now one of the top matches on Google images for the phrase "Ms. Marvel's boobs" -- though Marvel's never actually done an illustration like that. (The closest they came was in Ms. Marvel #47.)

  Ms. Marvel naked

UPDATE: The whole thing finally comes full circle when teenaged Ant-man Eric O'Grady actually turns himself into Ms. Marvel in Ant-Man and the Wasp #3
when he realizes he can customize his avatar in the virtual heaven that Hank Pym built for Goliath.

Image from Scans Daily